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Cv de Junior Legal Specialist - Junior Lobbyist (Juriste junior/Lobbyist junior)


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Date of last connection: 2012-09-10

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1050 Ixelles

Current situation:

Current industry: Air Trafic Management (Gestion de la navigation aérienne)

Size of the company: More than 1,000 employees

Current position: Intern in the legal service - Juriste stagiaire

Number of years spent at this position: 1-2 years

Number of persons you managed: 0

Annual salary: 0.00 EUR

Total working experience: 1-2 years

Availability: Immediate availability

Job sought:

Positions: Junior Legal Specialist - Junior Lobbyist (Juriste junior/Lobbyist junior), ,

Industry: transport, développement, humanitaire, protection des droits, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Fixed-term / casual work, Temporary work, Agent's contract

Desired working time: Full-time

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +5

Last diploma : Master 2 Droit des activités transnationales - Université Nord-de-France (Lille 2) Master degree in Law of Transnational Activities (University of Lille)

Current educational level : +7

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: unreported

Known Tools / Software/ Methods Excellent knowledge and practice of Word, Excel and PowerPoint (pack Office) and of Outlook.

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences A (motorbike) and B (car)

Languages French : Native
English : Working language
German : Intermediate
Hungarian : Basic


Miss St... P...


1050 Ixelles


Nationality: French
Date of birth: 2nd March 1987
Gender: Female

Occupational field

JUNIOR LEGAL SPECIALIST - specialized in European Law and International Public Law

Education and training

2010/10→ on-going

First year of PhD in Public International Law and European Law
Thesis subject: "The adaptation of Intergovernmental Organisations to the competitive environment".
Member of the Research Centre of Public Law
Faculty of Legal Sciences – Lille 2 University (France) – Doctoral School 74 of Law, Politics and

Dates 2009/10 → 2010/09

Master 2 degree in Law of Transnational Activities, specialization in European Litigation Law
- Thesis on "The practice of commercial activities by intergovernmental organisations in charge of a
public service".
- Seminars in litigation law, European competition law, European law of public contracts.
- Faculty of Legal Sciences – Lille 2 University (France)

Dates 2008/09 → 2009/06

Title of qualification awarded Master 1 degree in National Public Law
- Year overseas with the ERASMUS program – Peter Pazmany Catholic University of Budapest
- Seminars on management of EU policies, European legal practice, relationship between EU law and
national law, EU regulation making.
Faculty of Law – Catholic University of Lille (France)

Dates 2006/09 → 2008/06

Bachelor degree in Law
- 2008: 1 month internship in a local authority (Prefecture of the Aisne County) – Department of
Equality and women's rights defence.
- 2006: 1 month Internship in a Parliamentary Office (6th constituency of the North county)
Faculty of Law – Catholic University of Lille (France)
Work experience

2011/09/01 → current job

Teaching assistant
- Teaching European Institutional Law to students in 2nd year of Law degree
- Teaching European Law to students in last year of Law degree
- Teaching European Litigation Law to Master students
Public Law Research Center – Lille 2 University (France)

2011/03/01 → 2011/07/31

Blue Book Internship in the European Commission
- Contribution to the work of the unit MOVE.E2: tasks similar to those made by any official of AD5 level
as part of his daily work to produce results, such as participation in meetings of different level or
drafting of documents, preparation of reports and minutes corresponding to meetings of the E2 unit,
word processing, data search, filing, tracking bids, organizing working groups, forums, public hearings
and meetings, reporting and responding to questions, etc.
- EU policies: acquisition of specialized knowledge and practical experience of EU policies, as well as
rules, procedures and activities of the EU Commission, particularly in the field of the ATM, the Single
European Sky and the modernization of air traffic control.
- Single European Sky Package (I and II): participation in the application and development of the SES
basic and implementation rules.
- Single Sky Committee: organizational, administrative and logistical tasks related to the preparation
and follow-up of the committee, compilation of information and documentation for the committee.
- Comitology: preparation of a presentation within the Single Sky Committee, drafting of an article to be
used by the unit as a base for the draft of other documents.
- Corrigendum: preparation of a corrigendum to the performance regulation (EU) No 691/2010 in
collaboration with legal revisers.
- Verify the compliance of different documents with the regulations related to the license of air traffic
controllers, functional airspace blocks, social dialogue and committee of experts, SESAR JU, etc.

2010/05/01 → 2011/02/28

Internship – General legal assistance

- Eurocontrol legal instruments and reform: research for, and participation at meetings regarding the
on-going reform of EUROCONTROL, drafting of meeting reports; study on practice of commercial
activities by intergovernmental organizations.
- European law: assessment and review of documents regarding FAB requirements (SES legislative
framework); preparation and participation at SERA (Standardized European Rules of the Air)
consultation meeting; research regarding notion of “acceptable means of compliance” under EASA
basic regulation.
- Route charges: maintenance of daily registry of fraud attempts and follow-up of relevant information;
attendance to meetings and presentation regarding fraud situation; research on the notions of
attachment and guarantee.
- Corporate law: research concerning the notion of executive/non executive directors in the context of
- Intellectual property law: research about the registration of a specific trade mark.
- Various legal researches in different fields of law and drafting of legal opinions and letters (e.g.
notion of “whistle blowing” and existing policies worldwide; staff related issues; legal privilege for inhouse
counsels; follow-up of volcanic ashes crisis).
- Attendance at a number of high level meetings (e.g. Provisional Council, PC workshop on the
EUROCONTROL modernization and institutional reform, etc.)

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue: French
Other languages
English C1 Proficient user
German A2 Basic user
Hungarian A1 Beginner

Social and organisational skills and competences

- Great communication skills (written and oral) and sense of organization put into practice through
political activities during my studies (junior representative of a political party at a regional level)
- Bilingual, experience in multilingual and multicultural teams, willing to travel - Great dedication and
motivation in my work
- Proactive, positive, friendly and courteous, good capacity of integration in a team
Computer skills and competences Excellent knowledge and practice of Word, Excel and PowerPoint (pack Office) and of Outlook.

Artistic skills and competences

Practice of Capoeira, dance, yoga and rollerblading.

Driving licence A (motorbike) and B (car)

Cover letter

Miss St... P...


1050 Ixelles


Madame, Monsieur,

d’un Master II professionnel de « Droit des activités
transnationales », spécialité « Contentieux Communautaire » et
doctorante à l’Université Lille 2 en deuxième année de thèse, je souhaite aujourd’hui exercer en tant que juriste/lobbyiste spécialisée en droit européen et droit international public.

à ma formation, je dispose de solides connaissances en droit européen. Ayant un
intérêt particulier pour le droit de la concurrence, je rédige actuellement une thèse sur "L'adaptation à l'environnement concurrentiel des organisations intergouvernementales à vocation technique".

outre, j’ai pu, au travers de deux stages de longues durée, l'un à la Direction Aviation de la Commission Européenne et l'autre au service juridique d’EUROCONTROL (Organisation Européenne pour la Sécurité de la Navigation Aérienne), appliquer
mes connaissances, en acquérir de nouvelles concernant la politique européenne
des transports aériens, le droit international de l’aviation civile et la gestion du
trafic aérien en Europe, mais aussi me familiariser à l’exécution de tâches
d’ordre juridique, administratif et organisationnel. Ces expériences m’ont
également permis de m’immerger dans un environnement de travail multiculturel
et multilingue, environnement pour lequel mon année ERASMUS à Budapest, m’avait d'ores et déjà
donné un goût profond. Travailler dans un milieu international est donc pour moi plus une nécessité qu'une simple volonté.

Je souhaite également mettre en œuvre mes capacités organisationnelles
et relationnelles acquises lors de mon expérience de militante politique et de
mon stage d’assistante parlementaire au sein de la Permanence Parlementaire
d’un député français.
Je recherche donc un poste s'inscrivant dans la continuité de mes choix
antérieurs quoi que pas nécessairement dans le milieu des transports, restant ouverte à la découverte d'autres milieux d'activités et ne craignant pas l'immersion dans un milieu de travail inconnu, je saurai faire de nouveau appel à ma faculté d'adaptation et à ma rapide capacité d'apprentissage.

Je me tiens à
votre entière disposition pour tous renseignements complémentaires ainsi qu’un
éventuel entretien si ma candidature vous agrée et vous remercie par avance de l’attention
que vous pourrez porter à ma demande.

vous prie de croire, Madame, Monsieur, en l'expression de mes respectueuses

Miss St... P

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